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We specialize in getting your household back on track and running smoothly once again for all of your dryer repair needs.

Our crew of licensed technicians can perform a wide variety of reliable dryer repair services. Our main areas being in: routine dryer maintenance, pin-pointing dryer repair issues, replacing dryer parts, and all other dryer repair services that may be required.

Our repeat customers know that they can count on our prompt and helpful crew of licensed technicians to deliver timely dryer repair on each and every service call. Contact us today for top dryer repair in La Jolla CA and the surrounding areas.

All makes, models, and ages of dryers are welcome for assessment. Don't wait another minute to schedule for your dryer repair or dryer parts in La Jolla CA, or the surrounding areas.

Our elite team is ready and waiting to assist you. Our fine craftsmanship and professional dryer repair service is state of the art.

We would be delighted for you to join our long line of dryer repair customers today. We are confident that you will become a customer for life for all of your future dryer repair service needs.

We know you'll be glad you chose us. So contact the professionals right now.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Are you witnessing your dryer reach very high temperatures? This sudden problem should be addressed immediately. It's possible that the cause is an obstruction in the ventilation, which could pose as a fire hazard. Another potential cause for overheating would be a short in the heating element. Less likely reasons would be physical damage to the blower wheel, felt drum seal damage or a fault in the cycling thermostat. Some of these parts, such as the blower wheel, can be pricey to replace. However, swapping a heating element or felt drum seal won't cost much at all.


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